kaffe dumpes core

Ommund.Ogaard at autronica.no Ommund.Ogaard at autronica.no
Mon Nov 2 01:49:29 PST 1998


I hav just installed kaffe 1.0.b2 on my Red Hat 5.1 Linux PC box. 
It fails to run the hello world test:

class hello
	public static void main(String arg)    {	

I have compiled with both guavac and jdk 1.1.7. but the result is 
the same.

set to .:/usr/share/kaffe/klasses.zip:/usr/share/guavac/classes.zip

I run kaffe just by:

$kaffe hello

I get the following error message:
Kaffe: kode-analyse.c:97 verifyMethod: Assertion 'codeInfo == 0 
&& " Attempt to reemter verifier!" failed.
Aborted core dumped.

Is this a bug or do I do something wrong?

Is this the right place to report bugs?

Ommund Øgård
Autronica AS
tel: +4773581398
fax: +4773919320

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