New Java classfile analysis and transformation tool available. (fwd)

Etienne Gagnon egagnon at
Wed Nov 4 16:39:49 PST 1998

>In fact, I badly need a tool for (simple) reverse
>ingeniaring of java bytecode (needed for better
>implementation and optimization of work-by-contract
>feature of kiev compiler), ...

The advantage of the Soot framework is its 3-address code representation.
This means no stack to care about. This simplifies much the analysis of code
and the application of transformations.

Example of stack vs. 3-address code:



int i1, i2;
i1 = i1 + i2

The details about this transformation are on the Soot web page. I thought it
was worth mentioning this very special property of the Soot framework.

Enough said off-topic;-)


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