Kaffe and HP-UX 10.20

Ralf Hildebrandt R.Hildebrandt at tu-bs.de
Tue Nov 10 02:33:41 PST 1998


Today I got the latest Kaffe via CVS.
Good news: For the first time ever it compiles on my box !
           (HP-UX 10.20, egcs-1.1b, gnu as, gnu sed, gnu awk)

Bad news: Due to the infamous HP linker problem the binary doesn't
          work properly:

root at stahlw00:/users2/gnu/kaffe/kaffe 45> kaffe
/usr/lib/dld.sl: Can't open shared library: ../kaffevm/libkaffevm.sl
/usr/lib/dld.sl: No such file or directory

The binary requires relinking with the proper locations of the 
shared libraries (kaffevm/libkaffevm.sl) on HP-UX (like in Gimp
or gtk+).

I installed using ./configure --prefix=/users2/local
libkaffevm.sl is located in: /users2/local/lib/libkaffevm.sl

Ralf Hildebrandt <R.Hildebrandt at tu-bs.de> http://www.stahl.bau.tu-bs.de/~hildeb
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