lookupclassentry - bug?

Enno Rehling enno at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Nov 18 05:29:44 PST 1998

Why is the classHashLock that gets aquired here not unlocked when the lock
is found in the classEntryPool? This shouldn't happen very often, but if it
does, Kaffe should hang.

am I right about that?


    /* Lock the class table and insert entry into it (if not already
       there) */

    entryp = &classEntryPool[hashClassName(name) & (CLASSHASHSZ-1)];
    for (; *entryp != 0; entryp = &(*entryp)->next) {
        if (equalUtf8Consts(name, (*entryp)->name) && loader ==
(*entryp)->loader) {
            /* Someone else added it - discard ours and return
               the new one. */
            return (*entryp);

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