gc assertion failure under win32

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Thu Nov 19 13:28:41 PST 1998

> assertion "mem->next == 0 || ((uintp)mem->next >= (uintp)blk &&
> 	(uintp)mem->next < (uintp)blk + gc_pgsize)" failed.
> 	file "./mem/gc-mem.c", line 280

This assertion indicates that a gc-block has had its header trashed.
The most common cause of this is that some critical class is a
different size in classes.zip from the size of the class Kaffe was
compiled with.  The most common way to get this to occur is to use the 
wrong classes.zip, for example Sun's, with Kaffe.

Try running Kaffe with all of its various -verbose flags, and see if
its really loading the class files from the correct .zip.

If that doesn't give you enough info, re-compile kaffe with -DDEBUG=1, 
and use appropriate -vmdebug flags, 'kaffe -vmdebug list' will list
the various flags.


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