initialization problem

Russell Olsen olsen at
Wed Nov 25 15:24:35 PST 1998

	> > 	If it is, we return and things are fine.  The problem occurs when the
	> > 	file (Klasses.jar in this case) is on a mounted file system.  Under
	> > 	Plan9, we may not be able to report "yes you can read" immediately.
	> > 	I might guess that this would happen with other mounted file system
	> > 	types as well.
	> Why is this not considered a bug in plan 9?

Perhaps it could be considered a bug; however, the broader issue is whether
one might expect this behavior with other mounted file systems, such AFS or 

	> As a work-around, simply don't use select() --- anything else that will
	> tell you that you should do a read() should do just fine, should it not?
	> Such as statting it, check for IFREG or do the various ioctl's etc. pp.

We've done this now, and it appears to work.  Thanks for the suggestion.  
The initialization of the JNI_CreateJavaVM is slow but this appears to be 
due to all of the small READ{32,16} found in jar.c.

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