New Java classfile analysis and transformation tool available. (fwd)

Maxim Kizub max at
Wed Nov 4 11:37:47 PST 1998

Once I was in need of such a tool. I've found 4 or 5 of them.
For example, kawa (Scheme implementation in java) comes
with gnu.bytecode package. I've finished with writing my own :-(

BTW, did I notice, that kiev compiler is now
distributed with sources under GPL?

Well, so I think that GNU java projects must join 
their works to help each others. Bytecode transformation
and analization is the good example. If anyone is
intrested, I'll be glad on such cooperation.
In fact, I badly need a tool for (simple) reverse
ingeniaring of java bytecode (needed for better
implementation and optimization of work-by-contract
feature of kiev compiler), and I'd like to have
a common GNU stuff for bytecode generation.
Also, such things like type parametrization and
some others may be implemented more clearly
with load-time bytecode patching. In fact this
was a primary goal for kiev.bytecode package,
but pure-java package lacks of speed and
a bit limited. A native support from JVMs like
kaffe, japhar for GNU bytecode package whould
speed up this task significantly.

Archie Cobbs wrote:
> FYI-
> For anyone interested.
> -Archie
> ----- Forwarded message from Raja Vallee-Rai -----
> Greetings sablecc-list subscribers,
> This is just to inform you that the Sable Research Group has just
> released an open source compiler tool called Soot, which might be of
> interest to you.   Soot is a set of Java APIs for analyzing and
> transforming Java classfiles in a variety of forms.  Although this first
> version has several limitations due to its beta nature, it is still
> possible to do many interesting things.  We have in fact many ongoing
> student projects which use the framework.
> For more information, visit Soot's home page at
> ----- End of forwarded message from Raja Vallee-Rai -----

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