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Tue Nov 10 07:27:19 PST 1998

At 07:52 AM 11/10/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Tom Harkins wrote:
>> I am trying to design a Java Bytecode Profiler using the kaffe source code.
>>  I am trying to do some analysis to keep track of branches, jumps, and
>> function calls done by the Java Bytecode.  I have downloaded the kaffe
>> source code and compiled it on a Sun Ultra-Sparc machine.
>> Does anyone know where in the source code I might start to look for the
>> code that does the branching and jumping.  I was looking at the
>> /kaffe-1.0.b1/kaffe/kaffevm/code-analyse.c file which looks like it is
>> parsing out the beginning and end of basic blocks.
>> Has anyone attempted to do such a project with or without success.
>> Tom
>you are on the right track. I think, except for function
>calls (INVOKE etc) you can get all such info. Getting info
>on function calls shuold be trivial, though. (I think)
>I did some work on this.
>Just from the size of the byte code, some info can be gathered,
>such as:
>1. verification time (linear correlation, this is expected)
>2. translation time (linear correlation)
>3. upper bound to interpret it. This result is quite interesting
>   and approximate. I use it to initially estimate the
>   time it will take to interpret some given method. Which is
>   used in a heuristic to determine if I want to JIT/interpret
>   some given method. The interpret time is the time spent
>   in some given method, i.e. it does not include time spent
>   in subsequent functions calls inside the method.
Did you write this code for a company, or for your own interest...If the
later, might I be able to take a little peak at your code to help get
myself started?

I am a little lost in all the source code in kaffe, and am not sure how to
integrate my profiling modules into the source code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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