Kaffe AWT on Sun Solaris Machine with 24 bit color

Enno Rehling enno at uni-paderborn.de
Sun Nov 15 07:12:43 PST 1998

>I'm not seeing any AWT graphics under Sun Solaris Machine (SunOS
>5.5.1). This machine has 24 bits color (16777216 colors), not a 256
>pseudo-color scheme. I get a black Frame and no graphics.
>This happens even with the test-samples (Calc, TextEdit, WidgetDemo).
>On the other hand on older Sun machine with 8 bit pseudo-color only
>256 colors everything looks fine!
>Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Yes, I reported the same on my PC a while ago. It seems the AWT doesn't work
in True Color mode. Someone with a bit of X knowledge who knows why these
things happen?


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