Raffaele Sena raff at
Sat Nov 21 14:50:18 PST 1998

I finally completed the coding of the ARM JIT (more specifically for ARM
Linux on NetWinder).

The code builds and does something (it actually goes as far as starting
the execution of the first compiled method). 

Unfortunately the routine that should flush the instruction cache
( __clear_cache from the gcc libraries ) does not seem to work.
The one in libgcc it's currently an empty function, and even implementing
it in kaffe does not work. So I'm currently stuck, waiting for a new
system call (or a new idea :)

Anyway, I thought of posting the current code, so I may get some
suggestions. And if it get integrated I don't have to worry that I can 
lose it :)

The code is currently disabled, so the standard configuration will build
the interpreter. In order to enable it you will need to comment out the
'with_engine=intrp' line in config/arm/linux/config.frag.

The new files and patches are available at:


raff at           (::) 

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