initialization problem

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Nov 24 14:42:04 PST 1998

> 	If it is, we return and things are fine.  The problem occurs when the
> 	file (Klasses.jar in this case) is on a mounted file system.  Under
> 	Plan9, we may not be able to report "yes you can read" immediately.
> 	I might guess that this would happen with other mounted file system
> 	types as well.

Why is this not considered a bug in plan 9?

As a work-around, simply don't use select() --- anything else that will
tell you that you should do a read() should do just fine, should it not?
Such as statting it, check for IFREG or do the various ioctl's etc. pp.

	- Godmar

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