initialization problem

Godmar Back gback at
Wed Nov 25 15:43:32 PST 1998

> > 
> > Perhaps it could be considered a bug; however, the broader issue is whether
> > one might expect this behavior with other mounted file systems, such AFS or 
> > WebNFS.
>  If it wants to appear as a file, it better behave like a file.
> Files should select for read immediately, IMO, even if the read cannot
> be completed immediately.
> Clearly, I might be fundamentally or philosophically wrong on this ---
> maybe we should look at what CAE has to say about it.

 X/Open CAE Specification, Issue 4, Version 2,
System Interfaces and Headers, page 504 says:

    File descriptors associated with regular files always select true for
    ready to read, ready to write, and error conditions.

	- Godmar

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