Kaffe prints 'Illegal instruction' on SunOS4.1.4

桜井 厚 sakurai at ed.fujitsu.co.jp
Mon Oct 5 22:20:33 PDT 1998

I just compiled "kaffe-snap" that suppose to be the newest archive,
e.g. the command of "head ChangeLog*" says like this.

==> ChangeLog <==
Thu Aug 20 00:22:02 1998  Alexandre Oliva  <oliva at dcc.unicamp.br>

        * config/alpha/trampolines.c: remove extra trailing #endif

Wed Aug 19 21:54:45 1998  Archie Cobbs  <archie at whistle.com>

        * kaffe/kaffevm/string.c: make sure hashChars works even if len==0
        * libraries/javalib/java/lang/Throwable.java: use toString in
        * configure.in, */Makefile.in: added INSTROOT variable

==> ChangeLog.1 <==
Sun Jul 12 00:24:27 1998  Godmar Back  <gback at marker.cs.utah.edu>

        * kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c: fixed race condition and
          lock problem in loadClass.

Fri Jul 10 20:41:54 1998  Godmar Back  <gback at marker.cs.utah.edu>

        * kaffe/kaffevm/systems/unix-jthread/jthread.[ch]:
          config/i386/freebsd2/md.h:  added macros SAVE_FP, LOAD_FP, and
          SAVED_FP_SIZE for architectures where the threading system must

As I compiled this on SunOS4.1.4-JLE1.1.4 with gcc version,
No error can be found.

But I wanted to run javac, I found this error message.

 % javac HelloWorldApp.java
 Illegal instruction

I couldn't find same example in FAQ nor archives of mailing-list, I
need some help to solve this problem. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you in advance.

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                                 |e-mail: sakurai at ed.fujitsu.co.jp |

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