Installing Kaffe on Linux RH 4.1

François-Denis Gonthier francoig at
Sat Oct 10 12:23:24 PDT 1998

>> I have tried to compile and install Kaffe 1.0 b2 on RedHat 4.1 running
>> 2.0.34.  Compilation and installation are sucessful but whenever I try to
>> run any Java program I get this error:
>> "/usr/local/bin/Kaffe: can't resolve symbol getClassWithLoader" (may not
>> exact)

>I think you need to remove any *old* libraries previously installed
>by kaffe. The installation directory has changed in 1.0b2.

Do you mean the Java classes or the Kaffe libs ?

If you mean the Java classes, I completely erased /usr/local/share/kaffe
before reinstalling.  For the other lib, I will retry if you suspect that
could cause the problems.

Also, I don't perfectly know the installation directories of the old Kaffe.

Thank you anyway, you putting me on another track...

Francois-Denis Gonthier
francoig at

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