bug in finalizer?

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Oct 13 17:16:14 PDT 1998

> Parmelan, Edouard <EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com> writes:
> > Hi Alexandre,
> >> The attached program will stop running the finalizer after collecting
> >> some objects, for some reason I couldn't find out :-(
> >> This is on Kaffe 1.0.b2, tested on Solaris/Sparc and Linux/x86.
> > Work for me on NCR MP-RAS/x86 (jit)
> > kaffe FinalizeBug >log 2>err &
> Actually, it seems to work if you redirect stdout to a file.  If it
> writes to a tty, it will *wait for input* before the finalizer
> proceeds every now and then.  Incredible!!!

 What happens is that some systems (FreeBSD, for instance) don't deliver a 
SIGIO is a file descriptor that overran its output queue becomes again
writable.  It works fine if something can be read from it:  so pressing a
key will deliver a SIGIO, which will cause kaffe to continue because select
says the fd is writable again.  The reason is that both stdin and stdout 
are mapped to the same kernel/terminal file descriptor.

Anyway, the work-around I had put in was to poll every so often.  Then,
I optimized it away for the case that there is only one user thread --
as is the case in your example.  The reason was that it was done in the
SIGVTALRM handler.  I put it back in for now.

	- Godmar

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