Sun JDK Compatability

Chris Avis c.avis at
Tue Oct 13 18:59:26 PDT 1998

I was wondering if someone could clarify the compatability of
Kaffe with the Sun JDK series.

I first cheched the Kaffe FAQ and WEB pages and came across the
following page:
There is a reference of this page that states that
Kaffe Version 0.9.2 is compatable with  Sun JDK 1.1.3

However a later version of Kaffe 0.10.0 (standard RedHat 5.1
dist'n) reports the following when invoked with the -version
option: Java version 1.1.2

How do you interpret this information. I want to try runnning
the Sun JDMK3.0 with requires JDK 1.1.5. Can I use Kaffe.

Is is 1.1 the Java revision and the 5 a
sub-sub-version number refering to a bug fix level, or is it
interpreted differently.

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