Jikes and Kaffe

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com
Fri Oct 16 06:32:18 PDT 1998

Hi Steve,

> I tried using the jikes compiler from IBM and running the result under
> kaffe on linux.  For a particular program I got the following:
> 	sp out of range: 6 <14> 13
> 	Kaffe: code-analyse.c:1887: mergeFrame: Assertion `to != 0' failed.
> 	Aborted (core dumped)

It's a little bug in kaffe verifier.

I have write a patch for this bug and send it to Tim
on 2 October without response :(
May be a losted patche, I resend it.

Edouard.Parmelan at France.NCR.COM


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