Kaffe & JServ

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Oct 20 00:19:34 PDT 1998

 Hi Dan,

> Attached is a file "errors" containing the output from running the
> thing with -verbosejit.

 I didn't see any attachments.  Did my mailer screw up?

> I'm guessing that what's going on is that Kaffe is not redirecting stdin to
> the socket:  it's still trying to use stdin, hence the infinite prompt loop
> business.  Kaffe will continue to run until I kill that shell, at which point
> it says, "Oh my, got a read error on stdin.  Must exit." and then exits
> normally.
> This is corroborated by the fact that when the prompt is in its loop, if you
> telnet to the port the JVM is supposed to be listening on, you get
> "connection refused" but the JVM is still in the process list.
> Note:  I have looked at no code, and this is just my gut feeling.

 This is almost certainly not so.  There is no standard Java means of
doing the type of redirection you describe.  To my mind, it simply means
that Kaffe died before it got to the accept(), that's why it says connection

	- Godmar

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