suspend() deprecated?

Enno Rehling enno at
Tue Oct 20 07:24:48 PDT 1998

>> I wasn't aware that java.lang.Thread.suspend() was deprecated, or am I
>> reading this properly? According to my JDK docs, at least, it isn't.
>In JDK 1.2 it is deprecated:

Oh, I see. And a good thing, too, to make it deprecated. I have changed the
application I wanted to test to not use suspend() and resume().

>While kaffe tries to be JDK 1.1.x compatible, it also tries to be
>as current as possible, which means being JDK 1.2 compliant where

Yes, but don't you think you might scare off a few potential customers if
you're not 1.1.x compatible? A lot of people - well, MOST people - write 1.1
applications. Otherwise you might just call Kaffe a 1.2 VM and skip the
reference to 1.1 altogether. Being compliant with 1.2 doesn't necessarily
mean not implementing deprecated methods, does it?


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