Gathering info on all methods

Senthil Kumar skumars at
Wed Oct 21 00:40:42 PDT 1998

I am trying to get information on all the methods that
were ever invoked.

What I did was scan the classEntryPool. Basically
I have a function which does this.

However the problem is that I do not know from where
I should be calling it.

I tried to call it after
the callStaticVoid in main2(), but it only gets
called sometimes, i.e. it seems as if the thread
dies before it reaches the place where I call
my function. This is a normal flow of control.

REgistering it with atexit() does not help
because it seems that the stuff in the classEntryPool
is all gone.

Is there a way I can find out when some thread dies,
that there are no other threads (so this is the last
thread to die), then I can call my function.

Perhaps there is a much better way of doing this??


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