Problem with vmargs.exit

Senthil Kumar skumars at
Wed Oct 21 10:13:15 PDT 1998

Godmar Back wrote:

> An easy way is to set
>     vmargs.exit = your_exit_hook;
> after the call to JNI_GetDefaultJavaVMInitArgs.

I just tried this and it seems as if the stuff
in the struct classEntryPool in classMethod.c
seems to just go away some of the times. Is it possible that
they have been GC'ed?

When I run Kaffe on the compiler, I always get nothing,
however running a hello program gives me something
when I run it as the interpreter.

I thought that I could get this info when the
class itself is getting finalized. I guess only
when the class is finalized the method info
associated with the class are GC'ed?

Would appreciate some more pointers.

thanks! :-)

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