Problem with Klasses.jar in snap releases

Maksim Lin maksim at
Wed Oct 21 22:15:58 PDT 1998

I don't know if anyone has noticed but the Klasses.jar that comes in the
current snap release appears to be broken somehow and produces a core
dump.  However everything else seems to be ok as by using the
Klasses.jar that comes with the beta2-i386-rpm seems to work ok.

The file sizes of the two are :

Klasses.jar (from snap.tgz) = 278026
Klasses.jar (in i386 rpm) = 544416

PS. I was thinking about trying to add drap&drop to kaffe and also
support the Xdnd version 3 protocol.  Since I'm not very faimilar with
Kaffes architecture (or X programming in general) I was wondering if
anyone could suggest how I should go about this or give me some pointers
to further info, I've read JavaSofts D&D spec for JFC but I'm still not
sure I've got a good grip on it.

Maksim Lin

Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research
Swinburne University of Technology

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