arm32/NetBSD people?

Edwin Foo efoo at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 22 11:35:05 PDT 1998


I was wondering who was responsible for the original port of Kaffe to
arm32/NetBSD -- I'd like to ask a couple of questions regarding threading
and shared libs (or the lack thereof =). In particular, I'd like to put
some time into getting jthreads and shared libs to work now that
NetBSD/arm32 -current has stabilized a bit (for me at least), so any
tips/experiences in that vein would be helpful. Shared libs in particular
are useful because I'm trying to lower memory requirements as much as

FYI -- I've gotten Kaffe-snap 19981022 to compile and run out of the box on
a Chalice Technologies CATS board. No source modifications needed. make
test passes amost everything, except TestFloatDouble (ignored) and ExecTest
(no fork/exec implemented using internal threads). All in all, this is a
vast improvement over the last time I tried Kaffe for arm32 (beginning of
May 1998).


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