native methods and static build

Senthil Kumar skumars at
Sun Oct 25 14:08:09 PST 1998

My understanding is that using native
methods is not possible when doing a static compiler
of Kaffe. Is this correct?

I basically, built my .o, created a .so file. Everything
is OK, when I try the dynamic linked Kaffe, but it fails
with a static build.

Also, in the TODO section of Kaffe, it says that the 
linux/sparc ports are broken because of some problem
with setjmp. What exaclty is the problem?

Basically, I still have some problems with exceptions
when I selectively JIT/interpret methods and hte
problem seems to be in the JNI code, it appears
as if exceptions are not correctly propagating out of JNI code.

I can pass all of the tests in TestScript,
however, trying to compile the stuff in test/awt/WidgetDemo
I get an internal pizza exception.

The interesting part
is when I remove the line import java.awt.Toolkit; from the file, it compiles fine. Seems quite
strange to me.

I am just guessing about the exception problem with JNI
and wanted to isolate the problem
by testing it out on some of my own JNI code.

Right now I am can only do a static build because I have
not adjusted the trampoline stuff for dynamic libraries.


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