Initialization test

Artur Biesiadowski abies at
Wed Oct 28 08:26:53 PST 1998

John Keiser wrote:

>      Class1 - static field access - This should *not* fail.  The accessed
> field is not constant.
>      Class2 - static field and method access - You are correct, this won't
> fail.  I must ask, though, why you think that if both Class1 and Class3
> should not cause initialization, that Class2 should.
>      Class3 - static method access - This should *not* fail.  A method is
> called.
>      Class4 - compile-time constant field access - You are correct, this
> *should* fail.  access to fields initialized with a compile-time constant
> will not cause initialization.  This is the most useful test here and
> probably should be included in various test suites.

Note that I suppose that argv.length is less than 10. This way Class1
and Class3 is never seen on runtime and not initialized.

And yes, all JDK I have (1.1.3, 1.1.6,1.2b3, and Linux 1.1.5) pass this
test. Only symcjit compiler for 1.1.3 fails it (but I think it is
corrected in never jit versions).


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