Error in startProduction(52)

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Fri Oct 30 09:41:24 PST 1998


At least three very interesting programs fail to work under Kaffe with
the same diagnostics:
        at java/awt/image/FilteredImageSource.startProduction(52)
        at java/awt/Image$Initializer.startProduction(246)
        at java/awt/Image$
        at java/lang/
These three programs are:
Mirabilis ICQ (
AOL instant messenger (
Javanoid (

Latest program is quite small and is available in source code, so it
should not be very hard (for Java gurus) to figure out what is wrong. I
tried to use Sun's java/awt/image/FilteredImageSource but it also throws
an exception.

Best regards,
Pavel Roskin.

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