Pizza works incorrectly under HP-UX

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Wed Sep 30 21:41:16 PDT 1998

Pavel Roskin <pavel_roskin at> writes:

> import java.lang.*; class Test1 { public static void main(String
> args[]) { System.out.println( (double)2 ); } }

> If I compile following file using Pizza 0.39e and latest Kaffe I get "2"
> on Linux (as one can expect) and "127" under HP-UX.
> The problem is in the compiler. If I compile on Linux I get 2 and if I
> compile on HP-UX I get 127. Bytecode differs in two bytes:

This means there must be something buggy in the HP-UX port.  Since
Pizza is 100% Pure Java, it can't possibly produce different results
given the same input.

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