Patches for QNX4

Luis Reis lmfr at
Thu Oct 1 06:34:28 PDT 1998

jso at wrote:
> The patch below brings kaffe back on track w.r.t. QNX4 support. With
> this patch, kaffe may be compiled with internal thread support. All
> regression tests supported by internal threads then passes.
> Another - and in my oppinion more interesting - approach would be to
> use POSIX threads. Is anybody working on a POSIX threads interface for
> kaffe? I'm affraid I don't have the time.
> Jeppe


I have a working kaffe 0.10 with support for POSIX threads in Linux,
this will posted in a short time (I hope).

This implementation currently supports only linux/x86 but because of

  1) GC support : It uses the /proc filesystem to access thread
     stack information. (This will work in all Linux platforms)

  2) Spinlock support: There is a small amount of code that is
     specific to the x86 architecture. This replicates the
     work of the threading library. (This is expected to work in
     all x86 platforms)

Right now I'm very busy too, so, I'll do the posts when I have
more time.

Keep on hacking!

Luis Reis
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