ZipEntry: Memory corruption

Parmelan, Edouard EP510777 at
Fri Oct 2 02:37:24 PDT 1998

Hi Gormar,

Yesterday, I try the Scheme interpreter/compiler

. a bug in the code-analyse (don't start a new
  basic block after goto, return, ret, <>switch)
  -- patch send to Tim

. a bug in GJC 0.6g (miscompiles the form
  expr ? xxx.CONSTANTSHORT : yyy)

I found a memory corruption with new ZipEntry(name).
To see unreachable basic block I use the kawa option
that save dynamic compiled classes in Zip file.

The following class is extract for kawa and, with my
system (i386, linux-2.1.122, zlib-1.1.2), the output is
# kaffe ZipBug
Kaffe: ./mem/gc-mem.c:254: gc_heap_malloc: Assertion `blk->free != 0'

Godmar, could you check kaffe_zalloc() vs the GC ?

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