ThreadLocalTest fails both on Linux and HP-UX

Archie Cobbs archie at
Fri Oct 2 08:14:48 PDT 1998

Pavel Roskin writes:
> ThreadLocalTest fails both on Linux and HP-UX. Yet worse, it produces
> different results on the same machine if I run it several times. I
> suppose that something is wrong in the test itself. Can anybody sort it
> out?

ThreadLocalTest relies on several threads running and printing
stuff out, then sleeping. The sleep times are supposed to be
such that they print out in a specific order. So either the
test is broken (the timing is non-deterministic) or else the
scheduling/sleep code for these machines is not working correctly.

Try this: modify the code such that all sleep times are multiplied
by 10, and see if you then get the "correct" output.


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