Kaffe prints 'Illegal instruction' on SunOS4.1.4

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Tue Oct 6 02:52:17 PDT 1998

桜井 厚  <sakurai at ed.fujitsu.co.jp> writes:

> After obtaining the latest archive as of yesterday (5, Oct. 1998), I
> find another result this time.

> exit (0) = ?

> It seems that the access to the wrong classes such as ./sun/io/* is
> wrong. Am I right? And if so, how do I fix it?

There's nothing to fix; it's behaving exactly as expected.  The
`Illegal instruction' problem was fixed, it seems to be running fine
now.  Why do you think there's anything wrong?

Alexandre Oliva
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