Patch for SunOS 4.1.3 build of 1.0.b2

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Thu Oct 8 18:38:21 PDT 1998

In message <199810081051.TAA16848 at>Inaba-san write:

Thank you for helping me.

>I can not see any 'Klasses.jar' or 'pizza.jar' in your CLASSPATH :-)

I think Klasses.jar and pizza.jar may be loaded though. As README
>Note that you don't have to setup the CLASSPATH - if you do then that's
>fine, but if you don't Kaffe will construct a classpath from the Jar and Zip
>files it finds in the standard places (the default would be to include all
>files in /usr/local/share/kaffe).

>I usually use CLASSPATH like
>	.:/usr/local/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar:/usr/local/share/kaffe/pizza.

Your is that of JDK-1.1.6, isn't it? I use JDK-1.2 and I
cannot find any under the jdk1.2 directory. I use rt.jar
of JDK-1.2 instead, do I have to get the java-1.1.6/

>If I understand correctly, what you are doing is to eliminate using kaffe's
>class file...

I of course don't want that :-).

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