Patch for SunOS 4.1.3 build of 1.0.b2

桜井 厚 sakurai at
Thu Oct 8 18:40:57 PDT 1998

In message <orogrnfal9.fsf at>Alexandre Oliva

>> ld -Bdynamic  -o X/tlk.o X/wnd.o X/evt.o X/gra.o X/fnt.o X/cl
r.o X/img.o X/cbd.o  -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 -ljpeg -L/usr/local/lib -ljpeg
>> ld: Undefined symbol
>>    _free
>>    _calloc
>>    _malloc
>>      : (deleted)
>>    _fscanf
>>    _abs
>>    _toupper
>Which ld is that?  I'm using GNU ld from binutils 2.9.1.

/bin/ld. Then I will try to make and use GNU ld.

>What does your LD_LIBRARY_PATH look like?

Here it is.


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