Heavy Kaffe I/O at startup

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at w3.org
Fri Oct 16 09:26:00 PDT 1998

>     [ I sent this already yesterday, but it didn't seem to make it,
>       apologies if this is duplicated for you. ]

  A number of persons are either not subscribed to the list or send
from a different address than the one they used to register. In that case,
the mail bounces and I have to approve the message manually. This mean
that the mail won't get posted until I aprove it, I delete the bounces
after approval so I don't have the list of persons handy.
  Please double check your subscribing/posting addresses !!! That's a pain
for me, and for you because of the delays ...

  Also kaffe at rufus.w3.org and kaffe at transvitual.com
are the same lists, DON'T Carbon Copy one on top of the other !!!!

  Tim could you please make this clear on the mailing-list page,



P.S. for example all mails from Edouard Parmelan bounces because
    he is subscribed as "Edouard.Parmelan at France.NCR.COM", and
    the mails are labelled with "From: EP510777 at exchange.FRANCE.NCR.com"
    and majordomo has no way to guess it's the same person, even
    if it looks reasonable to a human mind. Usually this can be
    corrected by proper setup of the mail agent.

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