Port for mips/ultrix4.2 (was: setjmp/longjmp on mips/ultrix4)

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Thu Oct 22 09:59:54 PDT 1998

> I think that your 'sysdepCallMethod' has the same problem mine had for
> the Alpha (and that I fixed yesterday).
> You need to mark all "callee-saves" registers as being dirty following
> the asm() that does the call. Otherwise when you compile with
> optimization, the compiler will assume those registers are not
> modified by the asm().
> Here's the corresponding changes for the Alpha that I made, including
> a test-case for the Unix "jthreads" library to verify that it's
> working.
> What's the official procedure for submitting patches to the
> distribution? This version passes most of the test cases, except

Send them to this list.  It would be nice, though, if it passes all

Btw,  I think you probably have a problem with passing double/floats.
Did you try the TestNative test case and see whether it works?

> 	....
> ThreadLocalTest.java:4: Class ThreadLocal not found in type declaration.
>   private static ThreadLocal tl = new ThreadLocal() {
> Th floating point cases worry me. This was using a recent (2 day old?)
> snapshot.

 Also,  make sure you use a suitable Klasses.jar.
For instance, do you really not have java.lang.ThreadLocal?

	- Godmar

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