Port for mips/ultrix4.2 (was: setjmp/longjmp on mips/ultrix4)

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Oct 22 17:24:40 PDT 1998

>I think that your 'sysdepCallMethod' has the same problem mine had for
>the Alpha (and that I fixed yesterday).
>You need to mark all "callee-saves" registers as being dirty following
>the asm() that does the call. Otherwise when you compile with

You are right. When I have to make my local longjmp for ultrix,
I noticed I have to have special care in sysdepCallMethod.

I will modify sysdepCallMethod next week and report the result.

>What's the official procedure for submitting patches to the

As like as bug report, you can send patch to this list. Preferably,
the patch includes a patch to ChangeLog.


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