error running make install on NT4.0

alice dubois alice.dubois at
Thu Oct 29 09:07:48 PST 1998

>I've installed the Cygwin32, on NT4.0 and have it running fine.
>I installed kaffe, ran ./configure with no problem, then ran
>"make" with no problems.
>when I run "make install"  I get the following error,
>cp libmanagment.a.1.00 no such file or directory found.
>Has anyone had this error on NT4.0 before?
>Is there something I have to change in the config file?

Maybe cp libmanagement.a libmanagement.a.1.00 before running make install.

I think that it is also possible to add $(nativedir)/ just before (libv) 
line 79 of  libraries/clib/management/, but after that you will 
have to run ./configure one times more !


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