Kaffe, AWT and linux

Enno Rehling enno at uni-paderborn.de
Thu Oct 29 23:58:06 PST 1998

Hi, Peter

>On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Enno Rehling wrote:
>>I'm not seeing any AWT graphics under Linux/i386. I haven't got any other
>>machine to test this on, but all I get is a black Frame and no graphics.
>>This happens even with the test-samples (Calc, TextEdit, WidgetDemo).
>Sounds like a visual / color problem. Have you already tried with a 5-6-5
>truecolor or 256 PseudoColor visual yet?

I got it to work, but on a different machine. The linux machine itself
doesn't have a display, and I tried to display the graphics on a Windows PC
running Exceed X Server. This, apparently, doesn't work with Kaffe, although
I've never had another program do this to me in the past 3 years. I switched
to one of our Suns, and the X server there shows the graphics. Not quite
satisfactory, but works for me, since I'm not doing that much with the AWT


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