Klasses.jar may be incorrectly rebuilt.

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sat Oct 31 14:11:25 PST 1998


this is in regard to a mail you sent in September suggesting to
replace the current simplistic library rebuild script.

The reason your script doesn't work is because simply looking at the
time stamps of the .class and the .java file is not enough.
There are programs out there to determine the dependencies
(I think classpath is about to use a program called ``JavaDep''; they're 
having to hack on it a lot); and I think some compilers generate that info 
for you, but just looking at the time stamps is wrong.

Secondly, the -ot (older than?) flag for test you're using doesn't seem to 
be a standard flag, at least mine (FreeBSD 2.2.7) doesn't seem to have it.
Is it maybe Linux/GNU specific?

	- Godmar

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