Networking in Kaffe

Bart De Win bart.dewin at
Wed Sep 2 01:43:55 PDT 1998


I recently downloaded Kaffe to test it.  I ran it on my program, but
there seem to be some networking problems :

- I try to open a URLConnection with a well-formed URL and I get a failed to find handler 

- I am using a CORBA orb, which calls the
Socket.setTCPNoDelay(boolean) method and it seems not supported :

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java/net/Socket.setTcpNoDelay(Z)V
        at com/ooc/OCI/IIOP/impl/Connector.connect(90)
        at com/ooc/CORBA/GIOPClient.getWorker(71)
        at com/ooc/CORBA/GIOPClient.request(193)
        at com/ooc/CORBA/Request.invoke(267)
        at Spora/Marathon/StubForMarathonServerITF.getTijd(253)
        at Spora/Marathon/ServerProgr.<init>(63)
        at Spora/Marathon/ServerProgr.main(587) 

Is the networking part not fully compatible or am I forgetting
something ?

Thanks in advance,
Bart De Win.

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