Frame shrinkage bug revisited

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Thu Sep 3 04:09:25 PDT 1998

Some time ago, Marko Rauhamaa brought up a problem with Frame sizes. In order
to mimic the JDK behavior (the spec doesn't define this), we treat Frame sizes
like if they would include decorations (titlebar, borders) - which is of course
just a lie if it comes to X.

I consider this as bad, and would like to revert to my original version
(besides, I always like to make things simpler and more consistent). However, I
have seen so many ill apps just doing things like "setSize( 200, 300)", that I
would expect a lot of "compatibility problems" to come up once I remove this

This is a poll, tell me about your preferences.

-- Peter

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