Current Status of Kaffe / Bugs with Swing

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang at
Tue Sep 8 12:05:01 PDT 1998

Am Die, 08 Sep 1998 schrieb Archie Cobbs:
>Wolfgang Mües writes:
>> Am Son, 06 Sep 1998 schrieb Archie Cobbs:
>> >/usr/X11/bin seems like a weird place for to live.
>> >Is this where Suse Linux installs it?
>> Yes, indeed. Given the popularity of the Suse distribution it may be good to
>> add this location to the configure check.....
>Better yet, howabout we notify Suse that they've put a library in
>/usr/X11/bin, which is clearly contrary to UNIX tradition.
>Can someone else with Suse Linux confirm this, or is this just a
>random occurrance on one person's machine?

this is *MY* fault! The library is in /usr/X11/lib      (not bin!)



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