kaffe on NetBSD Sparc weirdness

TIOOYK gerry at mut-53-0419.direct.ca
Wed Sep 23 08:44:51 PDT 1998

I built the latest kaffe from pkgsrc on my Sparc NetBSD box.
Whether I try 'pizza' or 'kaffe' a ktrace reveals :

Reference 1 :
10024 Kaffe    NAMI  "./kaffe/io/CharToByteDefault.class"
Later on:
10024 Kaffe    NAMI  "./kaffe/io/CharToBytenull.class"

huh?? What's this?                         ^^^^

10024 Kaffe    RET   open -1 errno 2 No such file or directory
and then after multiple instances of:
10024 Kaffe    PSIG  SIGVTALRM caught handler=0x1006e858 mask=0x0 code=0x0

a Kaffe.core file

This trying to compile or run HelloWorldApp.

Any sane reason for this : > ?

I was able to 'compile' HelloWorldApp.java using guavac instead...


Vhere's zee Cuke-a mecheene-a?  Tell me-a a juke-a!!

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