Porting Kaffe to another operating system

Andrew Teirney ateirney at usa.net
Wed Sep 30 03:57:04 PDT 1998

Hi there,

 I was just wondering what changes would need to be made to Kaffe in order for one to get Kaffe to work on another operating system. The operating system which I have in mind is Risc OS. This operating system runs on ARM based machines fo
r which the sysdepcallMethod has already been implemented in the current source tree.
 A couple of days ago I download the latest snap-shot compiled it and attempted to run it with the helloworld application. Nothing happened. It appears to load some class files from the Klasses.jar file and then it stops. I traced the pro
blem as far as I could. The program appears to not return from some function which calls the 'add' method which is in some thread or threadgroup class.
 Could these problems be caused by the jthreads system not working properly or have I completely missed something that I need to have done. BTW the native functions are statically linked as dynamic linking is not possible at the moment.
 Andrew Teirney.

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