about practicability.

Ralf W. Stephan stephan at tmt.de
Thu Sep 3 00:27:56 PDT 1998

Alexander wrote 
[about the JOS project]
> This is meant to be a project group trying to set up a free java os.
> I don't know much about it.
> Does somebody in this mailing list already had some experience with it?

Yes, I was there some 9 months ago and wrote some classes that
you can find on my homepage.  I think the biggest asset they have
is the use of Wiki as groupware, so their web pages have good
quality.  The rest is mostly hot air.  Don't know if there's still
next-to-nil code.  Judge yourself.

yarec-0.32 is out, and it's even hotter!
Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.

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