Frame shrinkage bug revisited

Marko Rauhamaa marko at
Thu Sep 3 23:29:52 PDT 1998

> I consider this as bad, and would like to revert to my original
> version (besides, I always like to make things simpler and more
> consistent). However, I have seen so many ill apps just doing things
> like "setSize( 200, 300)", that I would expect a lot of "compatibility
> problems" to come up once I remove this "feature".

I think good GUI apps let the graphical toolkit lay the components out
and decide the optimal sizes. setSize(200,300) is bound to fail and is
definitely not portable accross AWT implementations. I would go so far
as to say that any program using absolute pixel dimensions (except
inside a Canvas) is buggy.

That's what the layout managers were invented for. So let's let them do
their job.


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