Current Status of Kaffe / Bugs with Swing

Peter C. Mehlitz peter at
Mon Sep 7 03:28:27 PDT 1998

On Sun, 06 Sep 1998, Wolfgang Mües wrote:
>So, for my part ( I have to develop a SWING application) Kaffe seem to be
>pretty useless.... What about the "comming soon" SWING support I read about
>some weeks ago?

I'm still waiting for a Sun response.. The most important changes are the
deprecateds and SwingGraphics.

I don't want to use deprecateds for anything else than just to forward (for
compatibilities sake) to the new ones, but this simply doesn't work with the
Sun AWT / Swing (which relies on some deprecateds doing the real work).

SwingGraphics is both a derived and delegator to java.awt.Graphics. Most calls
are just forwarded to the "graphics" field - "drawString" and a few others are
not (thus relying on the "generic", but *very* ineffective
"drawChars" implementation in java.awt.Graphics).

IMHO, both things can be cleaned up in Swing (and probably have to, somedays).
Because of a clean deprecated handling, and efficiency reasons, we don't want
to open up another AWT version (just for "beyond spec compatibility issues")
before we know about that.

In the meantime, we concentrate on the things we have to fix,
anyway (getTreeLock, validation etc.)..

-- Peter

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