Cygnus releases it GCC based Java compiler

Tim Wilkinson tim at
Tue Sep 8 17:57:27 PDT 1998

I didn't see anyone from Cygnus post this to the list so I thought I
would.  I've include the full PR below but essentially Cygnus released
their long awaited GCC based Java compiler which can turn both class
files and a java source files into native code (hey - just like a normal
language!!) - checkout the code in the latest egcs snapshot.

And, to avoid anyone else rushing off to do this, we've already made a
start of supporting this pre-compiled Java code in Kaffe.   We'll keep
you posted.


And now, the PR in full ....

September 6, 1998

We're happy to announce the public availability of a new GCC based
code compiler for the Java(TM) language.

The new GNU based compiler, GCJ, compiles both Java source files and
bytecode compiled Java class files to native code for a wide range of
target architectures.

GCJ is a work in progress.  We're also working on the set of runtime
libraries needed for executing GCJ compiled code, and extensions to
GDB, the GNU debugger, for debugging GCJ compiled code.

Full details are available on the GCJ web pages:

Anthony Green
Cygnus Solutions

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