Copyable GC

Godmar Back gback at
Fri Apr 2 15:21:59 PST 1999

> On Apr  1, 1999, Maxim Kizub <max at> wrote:
> > For 1. We know, that only Class and String
> > objects may be referenced from code.
> invokestatic and invokespecial instructions also generate code that
> refers to gc-able data: the entry point of the JIT-compiled methods.

But those aren't subject to gc anymore, they are fixed objects allocated
by the allocator.   But that's just a minor detail anyway.
My gut feeling is that it's okay to not move classes; strings referenced
from code may also be fine in non-moveable space, I'd suppose, since their
lifetime likely matches the lifetime of the class.

To give my overall opinion on this discussion: this all sounds fine and 
technically sound, and various trade-offs can be made, but what we really 
need is an implementation -- then let's analyze it and evaluate the trade-offs.

	- Godmar

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