help for Kaffe Compiling under Solaris 5.5.1

He Dan hdan at
Tue Apr 6 03:01:57 PDT 1999

I cannot compile Kaffe 1.0b2 under solaris5.5.1.the Error is as
make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 64: Loop detected when
expanding macro value `X/tlk$(OBJEXT)  X/wnd$(OBJEXT)  X/evt$(OBJEXT)
X/gra$(OBJEXT)  X/fnt$(OBJEXT)  X/clr$(OBJEXT)  X/img$(OBJEXT)
X/imggif$(OBJEXT)  X/imgjpeg$(OBJEXT)  X/imgpng$(OBJEXT)
X/cbd$(OBJEXT)  DEPENDS=        $(OBJECT:.o=.d)'
Current working directory /usr/local/kaffe-1.0.b2/libraries/clib/awt

Please give me guide how to do it.



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